About Jenna

Welcome! My name is Jenna Giguere.

My passion for dance and the arts is the driving force in all that I do, which of course, is the purpose of this blog. I want to be able to share my passion with the BVT and online community but also showcase the amazing opportunities that I am so blessed to have living in Burlington, VT.

I recently graduated from Champlain College with a BS in Marketing and a specialization in Digital Interactions and Event Planning. Much of my work done through College and some more recent projects are also showcased here in my Portfolio. I try to intertwine my work with my passion for the arts as much as I can.

Currently, I work for the Flynn Center for Performing Arts, teach dance at two local studios as well as continuing to learn as a dance student. I am lucky to be a part of two local semi-professional dance companies- Laisse Tomber and the Spielpalast Cabaret. I also have the honor of helping to manage a new studio, The Swan Dojo.

This is my outlet for expressing myself creatively but also professionally as well as sharing my experiences with the world! My hope is that I can inspire you to experience something new! (And try out a Dojo class!)

Feel free to connect with me! Or email me at jennagiguere@gmail.com


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